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Caoirigh is a sheep farm, wool store and scouring plant based on our family farm outside Tuam Co. Galway  we supply 100% Irish wool to the crafters of Ireland. All our wool is traceable back to the farm of origin and scoured in a chemical free way for you to enjoy in a creative way.

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Our Story

I started out on this quest to find A way of adding value to the wool produced on our smallholding farm in the west of Ireland.

I was sick of Being insulted by wool wholesalers with the poor price paid for wool produced “that’s the market price” The market price is way below the production cost, that’s why I then put my WOOL thinking cap on, did a bit of research and discovered that the crafters in Ireland we’re looking for small quantities of Scoured/washed wool, then covid-19 arrived so I got to work on a plan to scour/wash wool in an environmentally friendly way of doing this scouring/washing, then secured a licensed to store & scour/wash the wool.

Scouring is removing the wool wax from the sheep fleece once the fleece is wax free the wool has some value and can be sold on  for further processing. This is how Caoirigh came to be. Let’s see what the future holds.

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Evin Higgins

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